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Royalfish was founded over 20 years ago with the name Agropecuária Saint Peter. After years of experience in fish farming, we opted to invest in genetics development of red tilapias (Saint Peter).

At that time, we were able to reduce the growth period of the fishes to just 6 months. We also reduced the amount of feed ration needed for the fish to reach the weight of 1kg in 0,5kg.

Today, our company has 3 seperate production units located in strategic locations within the state of São Paulo:

• Genetics and Reproduction: Itupeva – SP
• Farm I: Santa Clara D´Oeste – SP
• Farm II: Suzanápolis – SP

• Processing: Buritama – SP
• Logistics Center: Itupeva – SP



Improve red tilapia genetics in every cycle, always looking to increase productivity, improve quality, promote sustainability and guarantee satisfaction of our clients.


Always in search for the best quality and productivity in the acquisition of fresh fish, narrowing the time between the birth of the fish and the preparation for consumption.


After many years in the city of Itupeva, we set up an emporium for those who seek fish direct from the producer. This idea gave us the opportunity to learn more about the clients of our clients. Our initiative made Royal Fish a reference in quality.