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tilapia saint peter


Contrary to what many believe, there are numerous different species of tilapia all around the world; each with its own particularities. The breed that is known as the Red Tilapia is a lineage of the Nile. For many years, its genetics were developed and enhanced to guarantee maximum quality of the final products. This is why Red Tilapias are required to have the following characteristics:

• Red skin
• White meat in flakes.
• Light taste and free of odors that are typically found in fresh water fish (earthy taste)
• Free of intramuscular bones.


Thanks to its unique characteristics, the Red Tilapia is a big seller all over Brazil. The fish that was previously known for its excessive amount of bones and its earthy taste, is now an indispensable item in the finest restaurants in Brazil and all over the world. Furthermore, it is now a flagship product in most Brazilian fish markets and has become an ideal substitute to dwindling products derived from predatory fishing.